Dealing with a Brazilian & Hollywood

So, there may be people out there who have gotten this scary wax. Those who have gotten it may have had some horrific experiences, but hopefully, the majority have had GREAT (as great as tearing out the hair from your downstairs can get) experiences.

There are ways to make sure that you have a good experience, these are:

  • Keep the hair the right length for waxing, too long=excruciating pain, too short=not going to wax. It’s pretty obvious that you can’t have it too short-approximately 1/2 an inch. Some beauticians will trim your hair to the right length before waxing, but some may not, taking that risk is going to be VERY PAINFUL. If you think you might cut it too short then leave it.
  • Exfoliate in the morning. Doing this will get rid of all the dead skin around that area, making it easier to wax, and to make sure it’s nice and clean and help get those tough coarse hairs easier to wax and make it a whole lot less painful.
  • Numbing cream can be used to reduce the pain, these can be bought online or in stores.
  • Paracetamol can be taken an hour to half an hour before the waxing is due, to numb any of the pain that is dawning upon you.
  • Don’t go near or on your period as you will be extra sensitive to pain during this period of time, wait a week so the pain can be reduced.

Obviously there’s SO many methods of how to make sure your wax goes smoothly, but I don’t know everything, so if I’m missed something out let me know, leave a comment, share your experiences to help or scare any future newcomers getting a brazillian or hollywood.

Stay jazzy




The thought of going on holiday is lovely. Booking hotels and flight. Exciting. Love it. Easy. Well I mean I thought that. Going on holiday for the first time without my parents is not as easy as I thought it would be.

So you chose where you want to go, find a nice affordable holiday, pick nice affordable flights. All nice and affordable. Then you get your insurance. I mean, it’s still affordable…right? You wait to then pick your seats, register your passports, then check-in online. Obviously the check-in you do a week before the holiday or so. Which mean that you SHOULD have got your holiday money. Depending on how much you take, it’s…affordable…still?

Well jeez. I am now poor. I had all of that to buy, and holiday clothes. Which meant no birthday presents for anyone in the next 5 months till I can get my money balance up. YAY. But no seriously, holiday planning is fun. When everything is sorted it’s no longer stressful and you can just enjoy the wait. Everything is printed, all transport is arranged. YET, I’m still nervous. What if the flight messes up? What if the transport from the airport to the hotel messes up? What if we lose are baggage? What if, what if, what if. I need to stop this. I should just be looking forward to it. I mean it’s in 3 days. And I still haven’t packed. OH MY I HAVEN’T PACKED. I should do that soonish.

Holidays are meant to be fun, and they are fun.

Go book yourself a holiday if you haven’t ready. You only live once, don’t keep putting it off. Even if it’s a holiday in your house with a week away from ALL work. Do it. You deserve it.

You’re beautiful



There’s something that I’ve always hated since I a youngun. That thing is calls. Even calls to friends and family were horrible. But dreaded calls to make appointments, change them, or cancel them. Now that gives me anxiety and makes me want to cry.

I have a nails appointment at 11.30, and an interview at 12 later on in the week. Now that just isn’t going to work. I’ve already replied to the interview saying yes…yet I knew that the moment I said yes, I would have to rearrange my nail appointment. I told myself that I’d be able to do it. Easy peasy. All I have to do is call them up and ask for it to be rearranged, it isn’t that hard. I’m just being a whimp.

Not only do I have to call the nail place, but I also have to call up the beauty salon…got an email confirmation and it was THE WRONG THING. I’m not paying £40 to look fabulous, and not having the right thing. I’m a little annoyed at that as it wasn’t actually my fault. Whatever though. I need to fix it. By calling them.

Right this is giving me anxiety just thinking about it. I don’t get why these businesses don’t have a way I can alter my appointment online! It’s silly. I mean, what if I didn’t have a phone because it broke, and my landline wasn’t available. Then what? Then I’m screwed and they don’t get business and money from me. I think I’m overreacting just a little. I’ll call them. It will only take 5 minutes for each.

…wish me luck?

Stay smoothy


Welcome my Fellow People

Because this is a new website, people may be weary of contacting me, or even becoming apart of the regular group or come to me for advice on what to do, or questions that need answering.

I became renowned for giving good advice. I still give advice to everyone who ask without hesitation. Luckily people will always come back to thank me for doing it. So I thought, why not make a website and helping more people. Make myself a better person you know.

I also love to do the old research. Figuring the best possible way to do something. May that vary from recovering from heartbreak, getting good skin, or becoming better at a skill. I’ll find it out for you, no need for you to stress or worry about it.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Everything will be anonymous don’t worry. I like to help people. So I will help people. Doesn’t matter how big or small the question is, silly or serious, personal or impersonal.

I love you beautiful people