The thought of going on holiday is lovely. Booking hotels and flight. Exciting. Love it. Easy. Well I mean I thought that. Going on holiday for the first time without my parents is not as easy as I thought it would be.

So you chose where you want to go, find a nice affordable holiday, pick nice affordable flights. All nice and affordable. Then you get your insurance. I mean, it’s still affordable…right? You wait to then pick your seats, register your passports, then check-in online. Obviously the check-in you do a week before the holiday or so. Which mean that you SHOULD have got your holiday money. Depending on how much you take, it’s…affordable…still?

Well jeez. I am now poor. I had all of that to buy, and holiday clothes. Which meant no birthday presents for anyone in the next 5 months till I can get my money balance up. YAY. But no seriously, holiday planning is fun. When everything is sorted it’s no longer stressful and you can just enjoy the wait. Everything is printed, all transport is arranged. YET, I’m still nervous. What if the flight messes up? What if the transport from the airport to the hotel messes up? What if we lose are baggage? What if, what if, what if. I need to stop this. I should just be looking forward to it. I mean it’s in 3 days. And I still haven’t packed. OH MY I HAVEN’T PACKED. I should do that soonish.

Holidays are meant to be fun, and they are fun.

Go book yourself a holiday if you haven’t ready. You only live once, don’t keep putting it off. Even if it’s a holiday in your house with a week away from ALL work. Do it. You deserve it.

You’re beautiful



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